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Polymorphic apps with Arrow

Typeclasses are all about polymorphism. Achieving it at a program level provides much benefits, but it’s an abstract concept that probably requires a step by step explanation.

Lately I’ve found some people willing to understand. It’s mostly people that is not very familiarized with Functional Programming yet, so I decided to write a tutorial in the most simplistic way to provide gradual learning.

It started as a Medium post, then I deleted it and ported it to Arrow docs patterns section, since that’s probably where it belongs and where it will provide more value.

I hope these new docs are useful enough. One of the main goals we have in the Arrow team and 47 Degrees is to flat the learning curve as much as possible by providing useful step by step docs based on example. So all the feedback will be super useful for us.

Thanks to pacoworks, Hadi Hariri and Raúl Raja for their useful reviews and feedback.

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Do not miss the Arrow official Typeclass docs for more details.