Jetpack Compose animations cohort course πŸ”₯

Learn how to implement smooth and fancy Material animations with Jetpack Compose. If you struggle implementing the fancy animations showcased in the official Material Design guidelines, this is your course.

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My portrait pic Created and delivered by Jorge Castillo, author of Jetpack Compose internals, Google Developer Expert for Android and Kotlin. Formerly working at Twitter.

Can I take this course?

You can take it either if you are starting with Jetpack Compose or you want to master it. You don’t need to be an expert on Android UI to take it.

What I get

By enrolling you get access to all these things, all inclusive of the one-time signup fee. Each cohort is limited to 50 people to ensure a high level of interaction. You can consume the content at your own pace during the week.

  • βœ… Lifetime access to the cohort course. Take it as many times as you want!
  • βœ… Access to any cohorts. Join the cohort that matches your timezone
  • βœ… Unlimited access to the Effective Android community. Join hundreds of devs already there!
  • βœ… Free access to the Jetpack Compose internals book and all its future updates in all formats
  • βœ… Free access to The good teammate book and all its future updates in all formats
  • βœ… Completion certificate signed by me
  • βœ… Face to face sessions with the trainer
  • βœ… Unlimited access to the exclusive live courses
Next cohort

Join the group for the next cohort πŸ—£οΈ dates to be announced, but you can join already for an early low price.

  • πŸ—“ To be announced
  • ⏱ Spans over ~4 weeks (new materials unlock every week)
  • 🚨 Limited number of seats available

The stages

The course consists of 8 stages of 1 week duration. They include one or two recordings and a batch of exercises related to the topic. You join other attendees to go through each one. Enjoy the watch parties and discuss any doubts and details in our Discord community. More details on each stage to be published.

The ultimate goal

This course takes you further and deeper into Compose animations than any other existing course out there. It has been consciously crafted to work gradually and over real apps, and learn how to implement lots of animations and transitions during the process.

Why to take it?

Material guidelines are great, but animations and transitions from the official Material Design docs are not easy to replicate. At the same time, adding some smooth, little fancy animations make a huge difference for the end user. This course is the best chance you have to improve the UX of your apps quickly and become an expert in this field. Companies around will definitely appreciate having an engineer with this level of UI knowledge.

About the author

My portrait pic

Hi, I’m Jorge Castillo πŸ‘‹ Google Developer Expert for Android and Kotlin, formerly working at Twitter. I am the author of Jetpack Compose Internals πŸ“– and The good teammate πŸ“–. I created this course and I will be your instructor.

I have extensive experience in online courses, having created and delivered courses about diverse topics like Kotlin, Android architecture, testing, Functional Programming and Jetpack Compose to name a few. I am a very active member of the Android community.